The role of gut pH in blood pressure regulation

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Blood pressure, gut microbiome
Title of study: 
The role of gut pH in blood pressure regulation
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In recent years, there has been an explosion of information about the gut microbiome. Research suggests that what we eat plays a role in manipulating the environment of the gut microbiome, and can contribute to the development of high blood pressure. When we eat high fibre foods, the fibre makes its way down to the large intestine, mainly undigested. The ‘good’ bacteria feed on this fibre and release acidic substances that might be beneficial in lowering blood pressure.

In this study, we will compare the gut pH (a measure of acidity) of people with either normal blood pressure or high blood pressure. We will measure the release of the acidic substances because of fibre fermentation, and measure the pH of the gastrointestinal tract at the same time.

Participants will be invited to a 90-minute appointment at the Alfred Centre where gut pH and blood pressure are measured respectively with an electronic pH sensing capsule & a 24 hr blood pressure monitor.

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Wed, 15/07/2020
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Thu, 15/07/2021
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(03) 9905 8098
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